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Tube furnace Product Description

Time:2015-07-17 09:20
Tube furnace uses
Tubular resistance furnace (tubular atmosphere furnace) Purpose: The device is metallurgy, ceramics, glass, heat treatment, abrasives, abrasive materials and other industries measured under certain atmospheric conditions of professional equipment melting properties of high-temperature sintering.
Tube furnace Features
Temperature from 1000 ℃ ~ 1600 ℃, the furnace size: Φ20 ~ Φ200 can be customized according to customer requirements. And users can request work or of multiple working temperature control at a certain atmosphere or vacuum. Optional: temperature programmed temperature, recorder, vacuum series, electronic flow meter.
Technical Specifications
1, the furnace size: Φ20 X200
2, design temperature: 800 ℃
3, temperature control: digital, intelligent PID temperature control (schedule optional);
4, temperature accuracy: ± 1 ℃
5, thermocouple: K
6, heating rate: 60 ℃ / min
7, heating elements: iron chrome aluminum.
8, voltage 50HZ: AC-220V
9, rated power: 1.5KW
Furnace temperature control device with a program for the P series, there are two 30 segments, 60 segments.
1, non-body impact machines.
2. Do not use in high temperature and direct sunlight.
3, abnormal situation should immediately turn off the machine and disconnect the power.
Tube furnace Instructions for use
1, the rear exterior of the container containing the test sample into clean electric sleeve.
2, power, close the power switch, indicator lights on the smart temperature controller to set the desired temperature.
3, after working off the power, the thermostat knob and the speed control knob to the lowest position.
4, clean machine. This article Source:http://www.lab-furnace.com/


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