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How to determine the rotary tube furnace temperature uniform

Time:2015-07-21 08:59
Rotary tube furnace temperature control system uses artificial intelligence technology, with PID control, fuzzy control, self-tuning capability and preparation of the various heating programs and other functions, for laboratories, research institutes as laboratories, research institutes and small size steel heating element hardening and electronic ceramics and other new materials used. How to determine the rotary tube furnace temperature uniformity:
Rotary tube furnace heating element is generally circular arrangement, the conventional oven, the vacuum heating only radiation heat transfer, but no conduction and convection, and for non-vacuum heating, there are conduction, convection and radiation in three ways wherein convection, conduction and with different pressures according to conventional oven (conventional pressure) different. When the pressure is less than 1 × 105Pa (absolute pressure, conventional oven approximate working pressure), which convection, conduction is less than the conventional oven.
Rotary tube furnace generally consists of furnace, electric devices, sealed furnace shell, vacuum system, power supply system and temperature control systems and other components. Sealing furnace shell welded carbon steel or stainless steel, removable parts for sealing joints vacuum sealing material. After the furnace shell to prevent heat deformation and heat deterioration of the sealing material, the furnace shell is generally cool with water cooling or air cooling. Having a combustion chamber surrounded by refractory, heat generated by the fuel combustion of a substance (solid or fluid) heating, such a device is called "furnace." Material flow to be heated in the tube, it is limited to heated gas or liquid. Moreover, these are usually flammable gas or liquid hydrocarbons, with heated water or steam boiler compared, dangerous operating conditions to be more demanding.


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