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Role of the tube furnace

Time:2015-08-12 08:52
Tube furnace as a heating device, the direct use of the medium flame furnace tube. By setting the fuel after irradiation chamber burner heat release, most of the radiation to pass the radiation heat transfer tube, and then pass through the tube wall inner dielectric; hot fuel combustion generates hot flue gases referred to, which consists of radiation chamber into the convection chamber, the main part of the heat convection heat transfer medium to pass convection tubes, finally into the chimney flue gas from the convection chamber and into the atmosphere. Tube continuous medium to be heated first by convection tube and then the radiation, absorbs heat received by the wall, to process the required temperature and then baked.
Since the medium and high temperature flue gas is reverse flow conducive to heat, so the transfer tube furnace heat, the heating temperature is high, raw materials or products used in the refinery heating device. In recent years, with the development of pyrolysis technology, a tube furnace at some petrochemical production process, not only the heating equipment, but also the reaction equipment.         
Such as oil as raw material, high temperature and pressure and in the presence of a diluent or catalyst conditions, cleavage and transformation reactions to obtain low-cost ethylene, propylene, butadiene, acetylene and aromatics and other products in a tube furnace radiant tube, we This is called the tube furnace tube cracking furnace or reformer, which has become the production of ethylene, hydrogen, ammonia key equipment, and govern product quality, yield, energy consumption and operating cycle of the entire plant or apparatus. Tube furnace is not only the complete production process of the main process equipment, and become the source of power production facilities. Tube furnace energy consumption, reduce energy consumption in order to reduce costs and improve the thermal efficiency of the furnace, most tube furnace has a heat recovery system and waste heat boiler to produce superheated steam as the unit's power source. Such as ethylene cracking furnace waste heat boiler, and after a high-pressure superheated steam it produces superheated steam obtained, for ethylene, propylene, pyrolysis gas compressor for power use. Superheated steam pipe is generally set in the middle of the convection chamber.


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