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Vacuum atmosphere furnace Overview

Time:2015-08-18 08:53
Selection of different materials suitable atmosphere sintering, the sintering process helps to improve the degree of densification article, to obtain good performance products. Vacuum atmosphere furnace commonly used in vacuum, hydrogen, oxygen, nitrogen and an inert gas (e.g., argon) atmosphere other. Such as transparent alumina ceramics usable hydrogen atmosphere sintering, transparent ferroelectric ceramics is appropriate oxygen atmosphere sintered nitride ceramics such as aluminum nitride sintered in a nitrogen atmosphere is preferred. Sometimes co-ordination must also protect the sintering operation in a protective atmosphere. Such as molybdenum wire furnace should pass hydrogen, tungsten furnace should work under vacuum conditions.       
Vacuum atmosphere furnace is vacuum heat treatment technology and new technology combines heat treatment, vacuum heat treatment in which a vacuum environment refers to the sub-atmospheric ambience, including low vacuum, medium vacuum, high vacuum and ultra-high vacuum, vacuum heat treatment actually belong to the controlled atmosphere heat treatment. Vacuum heat treatment refers to all or part of the heat treatment process conducted in a vacuum, vacuum heat treatment can be implemented almost all of the heat treatment process can involve conventional heat treatment, but the heat treatment quality greatly improved. Compared with the conventional heat treatment, vacuum heat treatment, while can be achieved without oxidation, decarburization, no carburizing, the surface can be removed phosphorus crumbs and skim degassing and so on, so as to achieve the effect of bright surface purification.


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