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Tube furnace installation method

Time:2015-08-20 08:51
Tube furnaces are in high performance and energy-efficient furnace using new advanced technology research and development, there is a single tube, double pipe, horizontal, can be opened, vertical, single-zone, dual-zone, three-zone, and other seed tube furnace. Mainly used in experiments and small batch production purposes universities, research institutes, industrial and mining enterprises. A safe, reliable, simple operation, high precision temperature control, thermal insulation effect, large temperature range, furnace temperature uniformity, temperature zone more, matching the atmosphere, vacuum furnaces and the like.
1. furnace installation Furnace can be placed on the table to fit the body's physiological operating height, the table should be greater than the effective bearing 200KG.
2. Electrical installation Power Configuration: 220V. Cabinet configuration by the user's power should be greater than 6Kw. Thermocouple inserted furnace depth 25mm, using N sub-degree temperature control coupled with compensation wire. Note: You should first install the quartz tube after loading a thermocouple not in contact with the quartz tube. Furnace and control cabinet as a whole grounding wire grounding resistance should be less than 4Ω.
3. The resistance wire Connection: two parallel power supply: single-phase 220V.
4. Check and tightening Due to transportation and other reasons, the furnace should be checked each screw fastening, confirmation.
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