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Atmosphere tube furnace use

Time:2017-06-27 14:34
Atmosphere tube furnace use  
1 Temperature System Action:   Users switch board to the electric power transmission, this time schedule was electric, according to temperature instructions set the instrument (such as P, I, D parameters), prepared according to process requirements heating program, open the heating knob, the heating power to reach 6KW. Heating power can be calculated as follows:   Heating power = voltage × meter current meter   Normal heating current is about: 22A, heating voltage is approximately: 220V.   Stop heating: temperature after the end of the program, program execution time = 0 segment, heating ends. The stop button is turned to closed position. Breaking user switch. Note two a. Programmed temperature not higher than the temperature of furnace parameters.  
2. electric work, can not open the door. When taking the product, you should wait until the following oven temperature 100 ℃.  
3. When the heating temperature, heating power shall not exceed 6KW, otherwise it will damage the heating element. Mode of operation for the laboratory requirements, loading and unloading intermittent manual loading, unloading. The cartridge is placed on the spout when charging cradle, open and take the baked tube end sealing cap, into the cartridge with the cartridge holder, and then sealing cap installed on the furnace tube flange and tighten the clamp bolts. Then Walter craft atmosphere, the temperature was increased until the inner tube when the oxygen content of the sintering process requirements.
Product after the sintering process is completed, the process should continue to Walter little atmosphere and cool until the furnace temperature is lower than the process requirements, before opening the furnace tube was sealed cover to remove the product.



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