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Operating Steps and Precautions for Tube Furnace


1. Operating Steps for Tube Furnace

①. Place the furnace tube symmetrically in the middle of the furnace, place the sample in the middle of the furnace tube, place the tube plugs at both ends of the furnace, and then install it in the order of inner flange sleeve, sealing ring, pressure ring, sealing ring, and outer flange sleeve. Tighten three hexagonal screws to ensure that the flange position is not skewed.

②.Open the gas circuit in the order of the main valve, pressure divider valve, and pipeline switch of the gas cylinder, and close it in the opposite order when closing.

③.Connect the gas circuit in the order of the inlet pipeline, inlet valve, outlet valve, and safety bottle. Adjust the gas flow rate through the gas circuit switch and inlet valve, usually based on the continuous bubbling of a bubble in the safety bottle.

④.Turn on the air switch, turn on the power, set the program temperature, and then press the heating button to start running.

⑤.After the program is completed, it is necessary to wait for the furnace temperature to cool to below 100 ℃ before stopping ventilation.

⑥.Open the furnace to remove the material.

1600℃ Three Temperature Zone Tube Furnace
1600℃ Three Temperature Zone Tube Furnace

2.Precautions for tube furnace operation

①.Tube furnaces, like other electric furnaces, must be effectively grounded to ensure the safe use of the furnace; There should be no flammable or explosive substances around, and good ventilation should be ensured; Pay attention not to exceed the rated temperature of the furnace; Do not pour liquids or dissolved metals into the furnace, etc.

②.If the metal to be heated contains grease, it is necessary to take precautions before heating, seal the container properly, and make appropriate openings, otherwise the corrosive gas will affect or corrode the heating element, reducing its service life.

③.During use, it is necessary to regularly check whether the wiring of the electric furnace, controller, etc. is in good condition, and whether the indicator is stuck or stuck.

④.Do not suddenly pull out the thermocouple when the temperature is high.
⑤.Ensure that the furnace is clean both during and after use, and promptly remove oxides and debris from the furnace.

1400℃ Custom Tube Furnace
1400℃ Custom Tube Furnace

⑥.If a quartz tube is used in the furnace, when the temperature is above 1000 degrees, the high-temperature part of the quartz tube will appear opaque, which is called transparency. It is an inherent defect of continuous melting quartz tubes and is a normal phenomenon.

⑦. When using a cold furnace, due to the fact that the tubular furnace is cold and requires a large amount of heat absorption, the heating rate in the low temperature section is not easily too fast, and the difference in heating rates between different temperature sections is not too large. When setting the heating rate, the physical and chemical properties of the sintered material should be fully considered to avoid material spraying and pollution of the furnace tube.

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